• Hi, I’m Kylie! I’m 24 years old and just moved here a month ago. I’m a college student and also a Hair Stylist! I love what I do! I love meeting new people and turning men on is what turns ME on.

    Come chat with me!

    Lets take these panties off!

    Mirror Selfie

  • I'm a big nerd. I love computers and playing videogames! And my iPhone! I like to make videos, take digital pictures, make a website, and play on my webcam. Being a hair stylist gives me the free time I need to do everything I love, and I get to meet really interesting guys

  • My favorite Katy Perry song!

    Do you like my honey bee dress?

    Obviously need some comforting

    Loving my new pink nails!

    Enjoy a few nudies!

    I love my iPhone!

    My favorite toys.

    My new favorite drink, Mango Margarita! Oh my god it’s soooo good!

    Just playing around with my phone in my car!